DoD’s “New Beginnings” — Enhanced Engagement and Performance Management

The Department of Defense (DoD) is implementing “New Beginnings,” a collaborative labor-management effort to improve HR practices and policies in DoD. In a phased approach, DoD is implementing the enterprise-wide DoD Performance Management and Appraisal Program, “which will help foster a cultural change that encourages employee engagement, on-going communication, on-going employee recognition and accountability.”
Acendre was honored recently to have Lisa McGlasson, Chief of Labor and Employee Relations for the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, lead a panel discussion in our webinar hosted with HCMG, Achieving a High-Performing Workforce (and Agency). Lisa has policy oversight for the civilian workforce of 800,000 employees and is overseeing these improvements, which are changing the way performance is appraised by supervisors.
A key focus of the effort is improved employee engagement through employee goal alignment with agency mission. As employees feel more comfortable speaking with their supervisors, they’ll become more engaged and performance will improve. Supervisors are taking responsibility for performance management, which also boosts workforce performance.

Here are some of the key questions posed to Lisa during this webinar:
  • How are your teams approaching employee engagement and performance management to increase the performance of the workforce?
  • How are you tracking employee and supervisory actions as part of employee performance management?
  • Can analytics be a catalyst for change, whether for federal employee performance, engagement, morale or development? 
  • How are agencies helping employees improve their job performance, so government can improve its overall job performance?
  • What benefits can be achieved by using technology for agencies’ performance management function?
Lisa dove into these topics with some enlightening insight that should prove valuable for other agencies reviewing their performance management objectives and initiatives. We also took some poll questions with the audience and shared the real-time results.
You can listen to the webinar in its entirety here

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