Farewell Liam – Welcome home, Liam

As many of us in Australia and New Zealand settle into the new year following the holiday break, we see lots of references to the new beginnings – from resolutions to predictions to lists.

Well, we have another one for you – and we feel it’s an exciting one, not just for all of us at Acendre, but for HR leaders and professionals around Australia and New Zealand.

Liam Ackland, born and raised in Australia and a key member in leading Acendre’s growth in the first decade of the new millennium, has returned as Managing Director, Business Development in our Melbourne headquarters. 

Having spent almost 7 years building the Acendre North American business, Liam is thrilled to be back in his home country as Acendre embarks on a new era of delivering its cloud-based integrated talent management solutions. As Liam grew the APAC business earlier, Acendre was focused on delivering its talent acquisition system, and we grew into our leadership position. Now with a full suite of talent management offerings, including workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding, performance, succession planning, employee engagement and development, Liam is looking forward to reengaging with old friends and acquaintances as well as new HR professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to the start of his adventure almost seven years ago, Liam got married, then travelled to the United States with his wife. He returns to Australia with all of his passion for delivering HR technology solutions, but also with his wife and two young dual-citizen children. He and his family are very happy to be near family, friends and colleagues in Australia.

As those in the U.S. office were personally sad to see him leave and say farewell, they were all happy for him and excited for what it means to the Acendre office in Melbourne.

Welcome home, Liam! 

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