Federal Hiring – Drilling Down on the Quality Review Form and Federal Preferences

As many of you know, we recently introduced our new Quality Review Form (QRF) to assist federal HR specialists in validating and verifying preferences, and help them capture the outcome of the application review process. Since its introduction, the QRF has proven to be a huge time saver for HR when compared to the manual, error-prone process previously required, streamlining the review of applicants through the federal review and rating process.

We continue to receive numerous inquiries for more information on the QRF. Our account teams have been out and about performing demos for several agencies that are looking to streamline their processes for validating and verifying preferences, so I thought it would be useful to share a few more details and a couple screen captures to provide a bit more insight.

The QRF captures the outcome of the application review process specific to three areas:

  1. Series – Grade Eligibility — > Is the applicant eligible for series-grade for which the applicant is requesting consideration?
  2. Preference Verification — > Does the applicant meet all the eligibility requirements for the preferences self-selected (e.g veterans’ preference eligible, ICTAP eligible, CTAP eligible)?
  3. Certification Eligibility / Type of List — > If the applicant is eligible for referral, on what type of certificate or list?

The system makes it easy for an HR specialist to navigate through the system. First, you simply check a box of the applicants for which you wish to complete the Quality Review Form and the system guides you through a series of screens to complete the process. Veteran’s preferences or other applicant pool filters can be easily applied to determine the applicants within reach or the applicants that should be reviewed to determine referral eligibility.

You’re then presented with the Assessment Form landing page for the Quality Review Form

The Quality Review Form is comprised of 3 sections:

  1. Series-Grade Preference Validation
  2. Preference Verification
  3. Certification Eligibility.

The form can be expanded to display one, two or all three sections. The recommended process is to select all three, so that the form in its entirety can be viewed and completed without having to expand/collapse sections. However, the system’s flexibility allows HR specialists to defer to a specific agency’s policy or process

The Series-Grade Preference Validation section of the Quality Review Form indicates an applicant’s eligibility for the series-grade for which the applicant is requesting consideration.

The Applicant Pool is updated once all information has been captured and the Quality Review Form has been saved. The system’s flexibility allows the Applicant Pool to be filtered using data captured on the Quality Review Form to include Certification Type. Upon completion of the Quality Review Form, the pool of applicants can be filtered to display applicants who are:

  • Requesting consideration for a specific series-grade
  • With a specific application status
  • Eligible for a specific type of certificate or list.

Depending on an agency’s policy or process, further filtering options are available if needed, including the Referral flag and Priority flag.

The new Quality Review Form is turning many heads. After a look at our demo, you’ll know why. What agency is not interested in saving huge amounts of time and reducing errors?

If you’d like to receive you own personalized demo, please let us know.

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