Federal HR IT Modernization Speeds Up

The highly anticipated legislation to modernize the federal government’s aging information technology infrastructure via the Modernizing Government Technology Act is now law.

When it comes to HR and human capital systems, many agencies having been moving down the modernization path already with benefits such as faster hiring, reduced costs, improved security, enhanced workforce performance and better retention rates among the reasons for moving.

It helps that there are modern, federalized HR solutions available now. These solutions allow agencies to cost-effectively put pilot programs in place and reap the benefits — quickly. What’s more, these solutions provide full configurability to meet specific agency needs — without the need to spend thousands of dollars over several months.

Modernization is here in the federal HR world. If you’re utilizing legacy systems, you owe it to yourself and to your agency to consider moving to a modern system with benefits such as:

  • insightful, actionable, real-time people analytics
  • configurable workflow
  • seamless interoperability with your existing human capital systems
  • enhanced security, in the cloud
  • candidate relationship management and talent pipelines
  • enhanced engagement and retention rates.

The Department of Homeland Security, USDA, Department of Interior and other agencies have seen faster hiring, reduced costs, improved security and more benefits from switching to Acendre, the new standard in federal talent management and workforce improvement.

Now it’s your turn — please contact us for a free, no-risk demonstration.

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