Happy Labor Day — Here’s to Integrated Talent Management

While over 80 countries celebrate and honor their workers and “labor” on May 1st, in the United States and Canada, Labor Day is celebrated with a public holiday on the first Monday in September. For the United States, it officially “honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of their country.”

For our employees in Acendre’s North American headquarters in Washington, DC (well, actually Arlington, Virginia), we’re dedicated to improving the way the federal government goes about attracting, hiring and developing its people. A lot of attention is being paid to how the federal government goes about this business in an extremely challenging environment — an aging workforce that will be retiring in record numbers, an increasing population of millennials who have a new set of motivations and requirements for their employers, budgetary constraints and more. 

Acendre is working with several agencies to help them address these issues. And it’s not just agencies. There are many future federal workers who demand a more efficient, more user-friendly and faster mechanism to present their candidacy to federal agencies. That’s why Acendre is also focused on improving the applicant experience, which in turn helps agencies attract and hire better talent faster than ever before.

When some people think of HR technology and “talent management software,” they think of an organization’s HR department. While it’s true that Acendre’s HR technology helps HR organizations, it really helps just about every person — every laborer — in an organization to some degree, including:

  • applicants (faster and more efficient job application process)
  • HR Specialists (automation and efficiencies to reduce manual tasks, making their jobs more satisfying and helping them perform better)
  • All employees (mechanisms for improved communication, better engagement, improved learning and development, more job satisfaction)
  • Line managers (improved communication with employees, better engagement, reduced cumbersome and manual tasks)
  • Hiring managers (improved communication with HR, easier management of candidates, more automation, visibility into applicants)
  • HR Managers (improved efficiencies to do more with less, improved visibility into hiring data and employee performance data, improved organizational insight and employee engagement)
  • Executives (insight into workforce, ability to make better decisions, ability to make faster, strategic decisions).
Acendre utilizes sophisticated yet easy-to-use people analytics to underpin all these areas of workforce management. By taking the guesswork and gut decision making out of the equations, organizations are emboldened with new insight and freed to make enlightened decisions to improve the performance of everyone in the organization. The result is an agency better equipped to fulfill its mission.
As we enter Labor Day weekend here in Canada and the United States, it’s a good time to reflect on the labor movement here. Without a doubt, there are big concerns and deep, important conversations that are occurring throughout the land about a wide range of labor-management issues.
Yet, from the perspective of candidates and federal employee recruitment, hiring, onboarding, engagement and employee development, much progress is being made, and Acendre is proud to be at the forefront of this progress.
Happy Labor Day.


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