Hiring high-quality employees heats up at Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The forecast for hiring high-quality employees is hot and getting hotter at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

BOM is Austalia’s national weather, climate and water agency, assisting Australians in dealing with the natural environment, including droughts, floods, fires, storms, tsunamis and cyclones. The bureau maintains 8 state and territory offices, along with 14 field offices across the country.

BOM worked with Acendre to create a Talent Register system for temporary employees to help it locate, attract, hire and onboard high-quality candidates quickly and with a reduced burden on HR staff. These employees needed have a wide range of skills, talents and competencies.

The results have been truly amazing.

“We’ve gone from a cumbersome, time-consuming system of trying to locate candidates with difficult-to-find technical skills to a robust talent register that succeeded in bringing in high-quality applications beyond our expectations,” according to Dorcas Ho, Senior Recruitment Manager at BOM.

The hiring of high-qualified candidates at BOM is hot — and the forecast is for clear, sunny skies ahead.

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