Improving HR Workflow – The Acendre Way

If people are the backbone of an organization, their productivity is critical to an organization’s performance.

The Never-ending Quest

In the early 20th century, Frederick Winslow Taylor started the Scientific Management movement and published “The Principles of Scientific Management,” which proposed that by optimizing and simplifying jobs rather than merely working harder, productivity would increase.

Over 100 years later, organizations still understand this and are on a never-ending quest to improve the productivity of their workforce. For HR Specialists, this can often be achieved by automating tasks and reducing or eliminating time-consuming bottlenecks.

Yet, it can be difficult for organizations to make meaningful and impactful changes because it’s difficult for them to know what and where to make change. It’s like world peace – everyone’s for it, nobody is really against it, but no one has been able to achieve it.

Achievable Workflow Improvements

That’s where Acendre’s People Analytics and its adaptable system come into play. People Analytics provide clear-cut answers to questions around bottlenecks and performance problems. With the right tool set, People Analytics show exactly where in an organization’s workflow these problems are occurring – through easy-to-read dashboards designed for executives and HR professionals. You don’t need to be a data scientist or have a PhD in mathematics to use – they’re simple, yet powerful.

With the highly flexible and easily configurable Natural Talent integrated talent management system, workflow changes that provide huge productivity changes can then be made to an organization’s workflow almost immediately.

These workflow improvements can be made with minimal disruption. Indeed, the changes made are often happily received by HR Specialists and others, as their jobs are made more effective and their job satisfaction improves.

For example, an organization might be perplexed and concerned that its hiring time is much longer than desired and resulting in the loss of top talent to competitors. Without proper insight into the entire workflow process, the fix may never be known. People analytics can pinpoint exactly where and what the problems are – for example, a particular HR Specialist or hiring manager not performing a necessary approval because they are not notified efficiently, or an HR Specialist allowing applications to accumulate.

Furthermore, without a system that can adapt to the processes that the organization requires, the simple fix to accommodate the approval oversight in the above example can’t be implemented easily, if at all.

Insightful People Analytics and Configurable Workflow – An Unmatched Combination

That’s why Acendre compliments its insightful people analytics with the world’s most powerful workflow engine, which quickly and easily adapts to an organization’s workflow.

A workflow engine and technology that adapts to how an organization works – not the other way around.

Only with Acendre.

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