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There’s probably as much trepidation surrounding people analytics as there is interest in the topic. One would be hard pressed to find an executive or senior HR professional wanting to make the case that data and analytics should not be part of an organization’s decision making process.

The Human Capital Analytics Disconnect

Indeed, in a recent survey of executives, KPMG found that there is a strong view amongst non-HR executives that HR can become more value driven and use advanced analytics to provide value to the organization. Yet at the same time, KPMG reports that almost a third of non-HR executives feel that the HR function does not play a strong role in meeting their organization’s strategic objectives.

For HR leaders struggling to gain traction with analytics, the pursuit can seem overwhelming at times:

  • not enough in-house expertise
  • unclear on how and where to start
  • insufficient knowledge of organizational data
  • organizational data is in silos
  • lack of training
  • difficult-to-use tools.

Making Analytics Easier – For Everyone

At NGA.NET, we’ve not only delivered analytics solutions over the years to help organizations overcome these obstacles, we’ve talked to hundreds of HR professionals, talent analytics professionals, managers and senior executives. Because while our analytics solution has helped some of the world’s largest organizations gain insight into their workforce, we wanted to improve everything we could about analytics:

  • make analytics easier to use
  • make analytics faster to implement
  • require fewer resources and fewer “experts” to realize the benefits of analytics
  • provide tools that help users of all experience levels – from novice to data scientist and everyone in between
  • above, make it easier than ever to gain insight into an organization’s workforce and speed and improve the related decision making.

Natural Talent’s People Analytics is our next big advancement to help organizations achieve these goals.  With People Analytics, the guesswork is removed from your workforce decisions, so you can make better decisions, and make them faster than ever. Whether you’re an analytics professional looking to perform more in-depth analysis or an HR professional looking for insight on your specific tasks, we’re providing unprecedented and easy-to-use insight:

  • fast report creation for senior executives
  • drag-and-drop interface for easy visualization of data
  • personalized dashboards to display important information at a glance
  • easy drag-and-drop report creation for all skill levels
  • shortened learning curve for report creation and consumption
  • dozens of built-in calculated fields to simplify analysis
  • enhanced access to data fields for in-depth analysis.

People Analytics – Personalized People Insight in Seconds

As a senior executive, imagine being presented with a personalized dashboard that shows you instantaneously not only how many applicants have applied for a position, but also allows you to easily analyze the applicant data with a click or two of your mouse. What if, with little or no data analytics knowledge, you could dig into your organizational data and obtain visually appealing graphical data that answered questions like these:

  • Is there a logjam in the hiring process? Where is it occurring?
  • Why is your organization losing out on hiring critical talent?
  • Which teams’ new employees become faster contributors to organizational success?
  • What is the correlation between your best employees and their managers?
  • Which employees are most at risk of leaving – and why?

Imagine the power of obtaining and providing sophisticated insight on your organization’s applicants, hiring, onboarding, succession plans, engagement and performance that might be provided by a dedicated data scientist –without that data scientist.

It’s the power of Natural Talent’s People Analytics.

Coming Soon.

Joe Abusamra is Vice President, Product Marketing at NGA.NET

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