The Natural Talent Global Reach

Sometimes big change comes with a sudden, dramatic event or at a particular moment in time. The introduction of the iPhone is an example. While it took many months of planning, research, development and testing, on the day it was launched, we all had a sense something big had occurred.

More often, however, big change is an evolutionary process – a series of significant, yet somewhat gradual changes that, when reviewed over time, lead to the conclusion that really big change has occurred. An example is the migration occurring in home entertainment, with the move away from the cable companies. It’s evolving, and seems headed toward a world where the cable companies no longer rule.

When I take a step back, this is the type of big change I see with Acendre and the Natural Talent platform. Over the last year, numerous changes – some visible to the outside world and others not — have occurred that have really transformed the company into a worldwide global leader in human capital and talent management.

A year ago, Acendre was a company with an industry-leading product with a huge market share in the Australia Pacific (APAC) region, and just getting its feet wet outside that region. Sure, a perceived powerhouse, but a powerhouse in a particular niche, mainly in one part of the world.

With the introduction of new solutions, a growing customer list outside of the APAC region, new employees to work with and support the new customers and a renewed internal dedication, we now are truly a global talent management cloud service provider serving a worldwide market with an expanding set of solutions.

In addition to our growing customer list of APAC federal, healthcare, education and mining organizations, we now serve over 25 U.S. federal agencies with a growing U.S. office. Our solution continues to be enhanced, and we’re proudly helping organizations with their sourcing, recruitment, hiring, onboarding, performance and development and succession planning. With our Natural Talent integrated talent management platform, we continue to receive recognition from industry analysts and leaders; our software continues to win awards.

We’ve rededicated our organization to ensure our customers are at the center of everything we do, and they have even shared in some of the industry recognition and awards. Our Talent Analytics Center of Excellence is helping organizations deliver on the promise of people data and giving these organizations unprecedented insight into their decision-making processes.

One year, much innovation and many steps forward — collectively, a big change in talent management from Acendre. And there is a lot more still to come. While we’ve come a long way, in many aspects, we’re just getting started.

Stay tuned.

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