The Washington Redskins Talent Management Revisited – Add Culture

Almost a year ago, I wrote about the change in direction of the Washington Redskins, as another disappointing season reached its conclusion. The focus of that post was on the team’s new General Manager and his focus on talent management in general and talent acquisition in particular. As the leading provider of talent management solutions for federal agencies, Acendre was delighted to see this focus.

Fast forward to today, and we see the fruits of the Redskin’ emphasis on talent management and bringing the right players into the organization.

The Redskins are in the playoffs!

But there is also another aspect to this transformation, one which I did not touch on in the above-mentioned post, but one which I have written about recently – employee engagement and building a culture of high performance.

While I was referring to these traits as part of a strategic federal human capital plan, this improved culture has been referenced for this year’s Redskins team. In post-loss disappointment, Redskins culture change comes into focus blared a Washington Post headline earlier this season.

And much more has been written recently about the change in culture, including:

  • “…even in defeat there was calm and confidence.”
  • “…the Redskins might not be as fragile as we thought.”
  • “…you can depend on them to get up and try again.”
  • “Redskins new culture is more than talk.”

And so on.

These points may seem like little things. But in a season of just a few games, the little things can be part of the difference between a season ending and a season extended into the playoffs.

Drastically better talent management including a culture of high performance – it’s a proven, winning formula…one that has the Washington Redskins in the playoffs again and Washington, DC fans excited again.

Is your agency’s human capital plan on a winning path?

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