How Integrated Talent Management (ITM) Drives Value

Even as organizations seek to improve the strategic quality of their business planning and execution, too many still rely upon outdated, siloed legacy IT systems for talent management. Such systems - i.e., one for recruiting, another for onboarding and another for training, etc. - hold... [+] Read More

Integrated Talent Management — The Basics

There's little doubt that one of the greatest ongoing struggles faced by modern organizations is finding and retaining the best possible workforce. It's a highly competitive market, one where the best and brightest candidates are quickly snapped up when they enter the job market --... [+] Read More

Recruiting to the Mobile Candidate

The proliferation of mobile devices has changed the world. The sheer number of people who now essentially carry a computer with them at all times, one that is capable of almost everything they can do on a desktop or laptop, is huge. What's the effect... [+] Read More

Employee Engagement via World-class Feedback

We were happy to see Acendre's APAC Managing Director Karen Evans featured in Human Resources Director Magazine recently in an article on the art of mastering world-class feedback as part of organisation's performance management and employee engagement initiatives.... [+] Read More

Australian Recruitment — Graduates Hold The Key

As graduating university classes leave full-time education and enter the workforce, recruiters can help their clients make the most of the opportunities through robust graduate and on-boarding programmes to help make the most of the plentiful talent supply.... [+] Read More

Customer Data Protection in the Acendre Cloud

At Acendre, the security and protection of our customers' data is a top priority. Our solutions are architected and designed to meet the requirements of the world's most secure organisations. Because our talent management solutions are in a secure cloud, you can have the security... [+] Read More