Improving HR Workflow – The Acendre Way

People Analytics provide clear-cut answers to questions around bottlenecks and performance problems. With the right tool set, People Analytics show exactly where in an organization's workflow these problems are occurring - through easy-to-read dashboards designed for executives and HR professionals.... [+] Read More

Strategic Federal Human Capital Management – People Analytics

federal people analytics

This is the fourth post in a series looking at various strategic human capital management issues facing federal CHCOs. Even as federal human capital leaders look to implement long-term strategic plans, there are several shorter-term, less expensive, tactical initiatives that can yield powerful impacts to... [+] Read More

People Analytics – Getting Interactive

In a previous post, I wrote that new tools are emerging to enhance business intelligence and people analytics that have the potential to improve success rates of data analytics projects and help lead to improved adoption rates. One-directional, static dashboards, while somewhat interesting, are often... [+] Read More

Your People Analytics Dashboard is Not Nearly as Useful as it Could Be

There's a new era coming in business intelligence and people analytics.Powerful dashboards for presenting people analytics information to help drive decision making have been a boon for HR professionals. They help bring increased visibility to the HR function within an organization. But they're not enough,... [+] Read More