People Analytics – Reimagined People Insight

As HR organizations begin the process of implementing analytics - or even think about implementing analytics - in their daily tasks and processes, they can begin to see the transformative power analytics can ultimately bring to the HR organization. But often, even this initial foray... [+] Read More

People Analytics – Fast and Personalized Talent Management Insight

There's probably as much trepidation surrounding people analytics as there is interest in the topic. One would be hard pressed to find an executive or senior HR professional wanting to make the case that data and analytics should not be part of an organization's decision... [+] Read More

People Analytics – No Waiting for the Data You Need

As the driving force behind the Natural Talent platform and key components eRecruit and ePerform, analytics is a key strategic tool that provides ongoing, automated in-depth analysis of every aspect of your talent management system. It's a tool that empowers HR professionals and enables hiring... [+] Read More

How You Think about Talent Analytics is about to Change

In our ongoing conversations with human capital executives and leaders, we hear these types of concerns often. There seems to be universal consensus that Big Data and so-called Talent Analytics is the wave of the future in HR. However, there also seems to be a... [+] Read More

The Natural Talent Global Reach

Sometimes big change comes with a sudden, dramatic event or at a particular moment in time. The introduction of the iPhone is an example. While it took many months of planning, research, development and testing, on the day it was launched, we all had a... [+] Read More

OPM REDI Initiative – Time for the Data and Analytics

I was pleased to see last week's announcement by the Office of Personnel Management regarding its planned update of the website as part of its new workforce initiative, the Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion ("REDI") Roadmap. It's part of the federal government's overall effort... [+] Read More