Employee engagement: Building a stronger, more resilient workforce

These days, it seems like Google just about runs the universe. Many of us use Google ubiquitously, including Gmail for communication, Google Maps to figure out where we're heading and seek answers to life's quandaries through that familiar search page. Yet, there's another reason to... [+] Read More

The New, Automated World of Federal Performance Management of Employees

Problems with federal performance management, including cumbersome and resource-draining paper performance plans, leadership problems and employee morale, engagement and retention challenges, have been well documented. Many of these problems stem from a dearth of innovation in the performance management space that has made evolution to... [+] Read More

The Foundations of a Leadership Succession Plan

To prepare new leaders and create a talent pipeline, organizations can take a strategic approach that begins long before leaders make their exit. A strong succession plan leverages reliable information about workers' strengths, career ambitions and potential to prepare the next generation of leaders in... [+] Read More

A Slow Climb for Federal Employee Engagement and Improved Performance

At these workshops and in individual meetings with various agencies, we're putting together "personalized" blueprints for agencies to incorporate a new way of managing performance and improving employee engagement. The step-by-step approach we take with these agencies allows them to see incremental gains -- small,... [+] Read More