Hiring high-quality employees heats up at Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The forecast for hiring high-quality employees is hot and getting hotter at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). BOM is Austalia’s national weather, climate and water agency, assisting Australians in dealing with the natural environment, including droughts, floods, fires, storms, tsunamis and cyclones. The bureau... [+] Read More

The Critical Link Between Employee Engagement and Performance

Performance drives engagement

Want to improve your organization’s workforce performance? A great place to start is with employee engagement. The challenge – how do you get your employees highly engaged, or to start – move them from disengaged to engaged? In the drive to improve employee performance and... [+] Read More

TSA to deploy Acendre Recruitment to improve agency hiring

Another big win. The disruption continues. Acendre’s momentum in the federal talent management space continues, as we add another agency to our growing list of U.S. federal agency customers. Last week, we announced that Acendre will be helping the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a Department... [+] Read More

Federal Human Capital Leaders Discuss OMB Mandate with Acendre

Acendre was thrilled last week to bring together four federal human capital leaders to discuss the OMB’s new mandate on workforce reform and maximizing employee performance in a webinar attended by almost 400 federal HR professionals. Moderated by Sean Osborne, Acendre’s Vice President of Product Management, The Road to... [+] Read More

Facing the future: How Australian higher education organisations can get ahead with talent management

Australian higher education institutions face ever-increasing talent acquisition challenges, from talent shortages and rising costs, to managing, engaging and retaining existing talent. With an increasingly competitive industry aiming to attract the best faculty and staff, and the increase in casual academics, HR departments need to... [+] Read More

True Talent Management Requires Bold Strategies

It seems OPM is taking direction us in some ways. While we are not a federal agency, we work closely and partner with agencies on the following, OPM-supported goals, because this is what we do -- now.... [+] Read More