Product Forums – Q2 2015

We are delighted to invite you to our second user forum for FY16. This upcoming forum will showcase ‘How to get more value from your existing Acendre solution.’

Our Customer Experience Team has been very busy out on the road meeting with customers. During each of these meetings, we’ve focused on how well the product is increasing efficiency for the user base. In every meeting, customers have discussed areas of their work that take lots of time, effort and resources. In every example, the Acendre team has been able to show features, functionality and configuration of the product that solve these issues – saving users hours of manual work!

In these interactive sessions we will address and workshop solutions with some of the most common questions we are asked such as:

  • I don’t know what step the approval process is up to?
  • I need to open every application one by one to view certain information from the candidate’s application form e.g. working rights, highest qualification, driver’s licence. How can I stream line this process?
  • How can I add suitable candidates to a talent pool in order to search for them at a later date?
  • How can I give Managers access to viewing candidates / job information?
  • How can I give users access to only certain candidates in a job?
  • How can I categorise candidates and make notes against them in a job?
  • How can I streamline our onboarding process to improve the Candidate’s onboarding experience?

This session will be a great opportunity for the Acendre team to show you specific solutions to your unique challenges, and also a great chance for you to network with other customers and hear how they are meeting challenges similar to yours.

The forum will commence at 10.30am, followed by a networking lunch to conclude at 12.30pm.


Melbourne – November 24

Canberra – November 25

Sydney – December 1

Brisbane – December 2


In light of this, we are turning this round of user forums on its head – it’s your turn to tell us where you are missing efficiency – we will then show you how to improve this situation and make your environment more efficient. All we ask is that when you register for the session, we will send you a quick survey asking you for examples, so that we can be ready and prepared to showcase the solutions during the sessions.

These forums will be interactive and we encourage you to share your knowledge and experience with your peers. We look forward to seeing you there!

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