Acendre Awarded Contract to Automate Performance Management for Department of Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service

Solution Moves Agency off “Pen to Paper” Performance Reviews, Increases Employee Performance and Engagement and Provides Insightful Analytics

Arlington, VA, July 19, 2016Acendre, a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced that it has been awarded a contract to automate and improve performance management by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), an agency within the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI). The contract includes the implementation of Acendre Performance to automate and provide real-time insight into employee performance – tasks that until now have been conducted via pen and paper – and Acendre People Analytics to provide insight into FWS’ people data.

FWS will leverage Acendre Performance’s ability to publish the outcome of any agency’s performance appraisals to set and manage the ongoing performance elements for its employees. Mid-year reviews as well as end-of-year performance appraisals will also be accomplished online. This includes the ability to auto-populate DOI’s Employee Performance Appraisal Plan (DI-3100) with data captured as part of the online experience. Further, with Acendre Performance’s journal capability, employees and supervisors can make observations and comments that are captured in the system and used for improved engagement and coaching. Supervisors and employees can view current and past reviews at any time.

People Analytics provides dashboards and reports that will feed directly into FWS employee performance at the program, regional and enterprise levels. Leadership will gain actionable insight into employee performance across the agency. In addition, reports on informal and formal reconsideration will provide executives and supervisors with insight into employee requests for reconsideration and the outcome of the process. Through the wide breadth of data and analytical reporting, users gain insight into all talent management pillars and their interrelationships, allowing for ongoing workforce performance improvements.

“We are very excited that FWS selected Acendre as its Performance Management partner to help modernize and improve their overall employee performance and engagement,” said Mike Giuffrida, co-founder and CEO of Acendre. “In today’s human capital climate, Federal agencies need to address employee engagement, and the introduction of a modern Performance Management capability acts as the foundation to achieving positive outcomes in this area.  We expect the FWS program to become the benchmark for effective Performance Management across the Federal Government as a result of this project.”

About Acendre

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