Acendre Enhances Cloud-Based Integrated Talent Management Suite with New Interoperability, User Experience and Workflow Processing Capabilities

Arlington, VA and Melbourne, Australia, July 11, 2016Acendre, a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced numerous enhancements to its integrated talent management (ITM) suite that simplify human resources (HR) complexities and regulations for large organizations in the areas of hiring, retention, performance, engagement, succession, development and workforce planning. These enhancements are supported by powerful reporting and Acendre’s People Analytics, the world’s most configurable workflow engine that adapts to organizations’ unique requirements and seamless integration with other HR systems, all underscored with a high level of security.

This current release is focused on improving interoperability, user experience and workflow processing to benefit an organization’s executive decision making, HR team, employees and candidates. Importantly, Acendre’s solutions are highly adaptable to each individual organization’s requirements so they do not have to “go without” something which makes HR teams more productive and effective. Nor do organizations have to “settle” for performance shortcomings within one program simply due to the fact that the organization is utilizing a solution from another vendor.

With this release, users gain the following features with associated benefits in these core areas:

  • Enhanced Interoperability – APIs are a key component of Acendre’s goal of providing customers with a “no- compromise” approach to talent management. With this release, Acendre introduces a new set of APIs to enhance the interoperability of the Acendre Integrated Talent Management system, allowing other HR systems to import data to the Acendre applications.
  • User Experience – Acendre Performance has been enhanced to allow full performance reviews on all mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones, including the ability to update performance diary entries. This enhances overall usability, engagement coaching and performance management.

  • Workflow Processing – The workflow for Acendre Performance introduces a superior level of workflow flexibility – steps in the performance review process can now be skipped and a third-party (i.e. the ‘manager’s manager) can now be brought into the process on the fly, allowing steps to be rolled back.

At Acendre, we are helping customers transition to fully realize integrated talent management adoption,” said Mike Giuffrida, CEO of Acendre. “When they reach this state, they benefit in multiple ways thanks to our solutions’ unique interoperability with other HR systems. All of our cloud-based solutions are integrated seamlessly to establish an interactive portfolio of talent management solutions, underpinned by impactful analytics. In the end, investing in an ITM cloud architecture enables organizations to take advantage of everything that analytics has to offer.”

About Acendre

Acendre is a worldwide leader in secure cloud-based talent management software. The company’s solutions address the unique needs of organizations that require a high level of configurability to manage complex workflows and interoperability challenges. Acendre serves both public and private sectors, including Government, Education, Healthcare & Community Services, Utilities and Mining. With offices in three continents, the company’s solutions are deployed in over 200 organizations around the globe, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping these organizations recruit, engage, retain and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. A recipient of numerous awards and with almost 400,000 users, Acendre processes over two million resumes a year and over two million transactions every week.

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