Acendre Enhances Integrated Talent Management Suite to Meet Ongoing Recruiting and Performance Management Challenges

Latest Release Builds on Unique Workflow and Interoperability Capabilities

Arlington, VA and Melbourne, Australia, April 13, 2016 – Acendre, a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced several new enhancements to Natural Talent, the company’s award-winning integrated talent management suite. The new features are in support of the company’s mission to provide the industry’s most configurable, flexible and interoperable system available to government and commercial organizations. Natural Talent simplifies human resources (HR) complexities and regulations for large organizations to improve hiring, retention, performance, engagement, succession, development and workforce planning.

Through Acendre’s secure, cloud-based solution, users avoid implementing the traditional “cookie-cutter” approach to talent management systems – with Acendre, users dictate how their system works, not the other way around, as is typical with most offerings. In support of this approach, Acendre further enhanced its industry-leading interoperability and workflow capabilities as well as several other features designed to benefit HR executives, HR managers, hiring managers, HR Specialists, line managers, employees, and importantly, candidates.

New Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for enhanced Interoperability

  • Extends Acendre’s talent acquisition capabilities, allowing candidate application data to be sent to other 3rd-party systems of their choice.
  • Ensures organizations have the ability to quickly create and deploy integration steps with their HRMS or other systems, resulting in more efficient processes and improved HR service.
  • Provides organizations with even greater flexibility to build and tailor applications for their specific needs, leveraging their people data, lowering costs and improving productivity.

Enhanced Integrated Workflow Capabilities

  • Enhances alerting capabilities and increased control and configurability for administrators to improve organizations’ performance management through faster and more efficient review processing.
  • Improves visibility and communication options for employees that enhance the employee experience and improve engagement.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Candidate Notes improvements to further empower recruiters, hiring managers and candidates to boost an organization’s internal communication and improve the managing and hiring of candidates.
  • Request-to-hire permissions that improve the visibility into and accountability for the request-to-hire process for senior executives, HR managers and hiring managers.
  • Enhanced user auditing to improve security and compliance.

“The enhancements we have made to our integrated talent management suite are yet another example of how we are distancing ourselves from the competition and their ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach,” said Mike Giuffrida, CEO of Acendre. “We are about meeting the customer’s requirements and providing them with the world’s most configurable, flexible and interoperable system so they don’t have to compromise on benefits that matter most to them.”

About Acendre

Acendre is a worldwide leader in secure cloud-based talent management software. The company’s solutions address the unique needs of organizations that require a high level of configurability to manage complex workflows and interoperability challenges. Acendre serves both public and private sectors, including Government, Education, Healthcare & Community Services, Utilities and Mining. With offices in three continents, the company’s solutions are deployed in over 200 organizations around the globe, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping these organizations recruit, engage, retain and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. A recipient of numerous awards and with almost 400,000 users, Acendre processes over two million resumes a year and over two million transactions every week.

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