Acendre Named Awardee on USDA National Finance Center Five-Year, $92 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement for Staff Acquisition and Performance Management Solutions

Contract Accessible to All Federal Government Agencies; Streamlines Acquisition of Talent Management Solutions


Arlington, VA, March 1, 2016Acendre, (formerly known as NGA.NET), a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced that it has been named as an awardee under a five-year, $92 million dollar Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) from the USDA National Finance Center (NFC) to provide Human Resources (HR) Non-Core solutions in the areas of Staff Acquisition and Performance Management. NFC is an Office of Personnel (OPM)-certified Shared Service Center for the federal government that serves over 170 diverse agencies and over 650,000 federal employees. This contract supports all NFC agencies but is also open to non-NFC agencies.

Selected through a competitive bidding process, Acendre’s selection is a testament to the company’s strength and focus on supporting the unique talent management requirements of federal agencies. The contract not only simplifies purchasing, but also gives agencies the assurance that the solutions being offered have gone through a rigorous selection process. The two solutions offered under this BPA, both key components of the company’s cloud-based, highly secure integrated talent management solution (Natural Talent), include:

  • Acendre’s talent acquisition solution, which simplifies human resources (HR) complexities and regulations for federal agencies and organizations, helps improve hiring, retention, performance, engagement, succession, development and workforce planning. Specifically, it helps HR professionals improve the hiring process to save time, reduce costs and help find, attract and onboard top talent quickly and effectively.

  • Acendre’s performance management solution, which helps human resource (HR) professionals, employees, supervisors and executives in government agencies identify, retain, and nurture top talent. Built specifically for federal agencies, the solution automates the process of entry and appraisal of an employee’s critical elements, uses flexible workflow to support the formal and informal reconsideration processes and supports the Government Appraisal Plan form template formats for easy viewing, sharing and distribution.

Included in both of Acendre’s talent acquisition and performance management solutions is Natural Talent’s People Analytics to track and capture all key actions and data. Dashboard reporting provides accurate and up-to-date information for visibility across all your recruitment and performance management processes. People Analytics provide senior executives with easy-to-understand dashboards that give insight for faster better decision making, and also provides HR professionals and line managers with dashboards that are tailored to their specific needs.

By offering the industry’s only federalized solution for both talent acquisition and performance management, Acendre can address federal HR leaders’ most pressing challenges and problems including shrinking budgets, increasing retirements and employee morale, engagement, retention and leadership issues. Importantly, Acendre’s Natural Talent solution is already fully integrated with NFC EmpowHR at USDA’s 29 agencies so integrating these additional capabilities is seamless and can be activated immediately.

“Our federal focus stands out versus the competition that continues to try and plug in solutions built for commercial organizations – our solution is built from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of Federal organizations,” said Liam Ackland, President – North America, Acendre. “The fact that Acendre was chosen for this contract is an endorsement of our competency and expertise as a talent management provider with best-in-class solutions in talent/staff acquisition and performance management. This award further elevates our leadership position.”

To learn more about the NFC BPA, visit:

Please note that this award currently appears under the company’s former name NGA.NET.

About Acendre (Formerly NGA.NET)

Acendre is a worldwide leader in secure cloud-based talent management software. The company’s solutions address the unique needs of organizations that require a high level of configurability to manage complex workflows and interoperability challenges. Acendre serves both public and private sectors, including Government, Education, Healthcare & Community Services, Utilities and Mining. With offices in three continents, the company’s solutions are deployed in over 200 organizations around the globe, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping these organizations recruit, engage, retain and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. A recipient of numerous awards and with almost 400,000 users, Acendre processes over two million resumes a year and over two million transactions every week.

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