Acendre’s Cloud-Based ePerform Solution Automates Federal Performance Appraisal Plans; Eliminates Use of Paper Performance Plans

Only Solution Available that Supports Both Senior Executive Service (SES) and Non-SES Performance Appraisal Processes 

Arlington, VA, November 9, 2015Acendre (formerly known as NGA.NET), a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced the latest release of ePerform, its performance management software solution that helps human resource (HR) professionals, employees, supervisors and executives in government agencies identify, retain, and nurture top talent. Built specifically for Federal agencies, ePerform automates the process of entry and appraisal of an employee’s critical elements, uses flexible workflow to support the formal and informal reconsideration processes and supports the Government Appraisal Plan form template formats for easy viewing, sharing and distribution.

With today’s budget constraints and security concerns, ePerform is a cost-efficient, highly-secure cloud-based solution that meets FedRAMP requirements to ensure personally identifiable information (PII) is protected. In addition, agencies can easily implement ePerform with no disruption to existing processes in an iterative and cost-effective manner that gradually, systematically and strategically provides agencies with stronger performance management programs. Federal agencies can roll out a baseline solution to tackle their most urgent requirements, simultaneously or one at a time, in a matter of days. Trial systems are available to agencies to validate that the automation streamlines existing processes.

Key customer benefits include:

  • Performance Appraisal Plan dashboards for easy reference to the status of the performance review cycle – Reporting dashboards for employees, supervisors, executives and HR provide immediate insight into the status of the Performance Appraisal Cycle, help manage completion rates and drive better outcomes for agencies.

  • Automates the process of entry and appraisal of an employee’s critical elements –

    At a fundamental level, agencies no longer need to rely on “pen to paper” management of the performance appraisal plan. ePerform automates this processleveraging critical element libraries to easily support the setting and acceptance of critical elements between supervisors and employees. Through the appraisal period performance journals allow employees and supervisors to share information about successes and potential areas for development.

  • Leverages flexible workflow to support the formal and informal reconsideration processes – The government’s formal reconsideration process has traditionally been a challenging area to automate for technology vendors. ePerform triggers a sub workflow that routes the relevant data, supports the HR establishment of a review panel, captures the outcomes and continues to move the process forward in an automated way. These workflows are configurable, making it easy for agencies to adapt these processes or add new sub workflow processes to the performance appraisal cycle.

  • Supports Government Performance Appraisal Plan form template formats for easy viewing, sharing and distribution – Presently, the Government still requires performance appraisal plans to follow a prescribed form output. ePerform can support different form templates and deliver varying form template outputs to remove the onerous manual aspect of the hard copy performance appraisal plan.

Unlike many commercial vendors that look to position their solutions to meet government’s unique performance management challenges, ePerform has been built deliberately to meet both the technical and legislative Federal agency requirements,” said Mike Giuffrida, CEO of Acendre. “Leveraging the capabilities of our successful Federalized staffing solution, eRecruit, we have been able to automate the performance appraisal plan workflow process and adapt the solution to how agencies are required to complete their plans. Importantly, Federal agencies finally have a solution that helps them move away from the “pen-to-paper” SES and Non-SES review process and provides online, user-friendly dashboards and analytics that deliver real insight into the performance plan outcomes.”

ePerform also helps agencies comply with Federal mandates and guidelines such as the December 2014 White House memo “Strengthening Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance” and the October 26, 2015 OPM guidelines that state agencies must develop or administer one or more performance management systems that monitor critical elements and performance requirements of senior executives.

“As well as Senior Executives, there are over two million General Schedule employees that can be more effectively supported in real time by a tool like ePerform that helps supervisors and employees become aligned in their objectives,” said Giuffrida. “This first step is simply about automation and getting ahead of the process – it is a critical first step, and now with the flexible technology available, does not have to be a difficult or expensive to move forward.”

Acendre’s Blueprint for “Data-Driven Performance Management”

This blueprint provides Federal agencies with key steps to consider when implementing a performance management system. The four steps include: Automation, Rationalization, Reengineering and Organizational Transformation. To obtain a copy of the blueprint visit:

Fast Tracking Federal Performance Management – Best Practices Event 

This is an opportunity to see first-hand the only secure cloud-based Performance Management software solution tailored to the federal government. 

WhenWednesday November 18, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. est.

Where:  Acendre Headquarters, 4350 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 400, Arlington VA 22203 (one block from the Ballston Metro Station).

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