NGA.NET APAC Releases New ePerform for Talent and Succession Management

New release helps organisations measure, identify, grow and retain top talent.

Melbourne, Australia, 22 October 2014

NGA.NET, a global leader in cloud-based talent management software solutions, today announced a new release of ePerform, its performance and succession management solution. ePerform helps human resource (HR) professionals, employees, managers and executives in government agencies and private corporations identify, retain, and nurture top talent. In addition, the new update will enable succession planning, automation of manual processes, and align employee and organisational goals.

This updated version of ePerform includes a new user interface and dashboards to improve usability and productivity for everyone in the organization. It also improves productivity by automating traditionally manual processes by providing templates, diaries and storage for performance reviews and tracking of goal setting and employee competencies. HR and line managers can now make better decisions and coordinate any workforce, no matter the size. With this improved system for all users, ePerform enables any user to benefit from a strategic performance and succession management solution.

The cloud-based technology enables employees and managers to define, track and manage goals and competencies, while aligning employee and organisational goals. This is achieved by integrating an organisation’s key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure employee plans are in line with the company’s objectives and goals, whilst measuring and identifying talent and succession within this framework. Executives can also obtain insight into the organization’s performance through ePerform’s easy-to-use dashboards.

Karen Evans, Managing Director of NGA.NET’s Asia-Pacific office explained: “As the workforce begins to age and talent leaves the organisation, talent development and succession planning will become more and more vital, and ePerform assists greatly in these areas. Because ePerform is so easy to use, it also helps gain acceptance from employees, managers and executives throughout the organisation, further helping the organisation achieve its goals.”

Karl Matthews, Chief Product Officer, NGA.NET said: “The new ePerform release improves the user experience of enterprise HR professionals, employees, managers and executives, making them more productive and aligning organisation and employee’s goals to improve organizational outcomes. Our continued innovation as a global talent management leader helps our customers improve their talent management so they can achieve their goals.”

This enhanced version of ePerform is available immediately at NGA.NET.

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