NGA.NET Introduces New Analytical Reports

Provides Federal Agencies with Granular Insights Into Workforce Makeup and Hiring Trends

Arlington, Va, April 14, 2015 – NGA.NET, a global leader in cloud-based talent management
software solutions, today announced the availability of new graphical
reports and data visualization tools that provide federal government
leaders with insight into their applicant pool as well as application
and hiring processes. As part of NGA.NET’s talent management platform,
Natural Talent, the new reports and visualization tools support a
data-driven approach enabling federal HR executives to make faster,
better and more strategic personnel decisions based on big data

Natural Talent combines NGA.NET’s best-of breed talent acquisition solution, eRecruit, and performance and development management solution, ePerform, to deliver a seamless platform to manage all
organizational data across various talent management pillars and measure

for senior government officials, these reports can be filtered by a
variety of critical hiring and personnel criteria including hire date,
time-to-hire, location of all applicants vs. location of actual hires,
occupational series, pay scale, ethnicity, veteran status and many more.
This level of granular detail, presented in easy-to-understand,
quick-snapshot graphics, allows for improved human capital decision
making for the recruitment and development of a strong federal

Natural Talent, HR leaders can see where recruiting resources (personnel
and budget) are best spent, what characteristics make up top-performing
employees and managers, which employees are most engaged and the best
fit for meeting succession plans.

evidenced by the recent announcement of Office of Personnel Management’s
Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) Roadmap,
data-driven analysis of the recruitment practices and the workforce is
necessary to improve federal hiring and improve employee engagement,”
stated Mike Giuffrida, CEO of NGA.NET. “Understanding data is the key to
making better talent management decisions and that is why analytics is
at the core of NGA.NET solutions. We work with federal agencies to
deliver the data and analysis they need to quickly and easily make the
best decisions to get the right teams in place at the right times to
achieve agency goals.”

to time-to-hire reports, government HR executives gain an overall view
of agency time-to-hire with the ability to drill down to each individual
hire. These reports highlight where delays in the hiring process (e.g.
application, interview, certification, approval, etc.) occur, so that
corrective action can be taken to improve recruiting and hiring
processes. In addition, HR leadership can see how they are performing
against their hiring goals and Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

addition to the data visualization features, NGA.NET offers a
“storyboard” function, which allows users to create interactive slide
shows with fully functional reports as well as text, images and videos.
These presentations can be filtered by a number of different categories
including quarter, sub-agency and program office, giving senior
officials a full, in-depth ‘story’ on the state the workforce.
Storyboards can also be used as a collaborative tool for HR teams and
executives, and information can be shared socially.

new reports, data visualization tools, and storyboard capabilities are
available now to all current Natural Talent users, including those using
eRecruit and ePerform.

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