Single Sign On


The Single Sign On (SSO) solution is designed to remove the need for a user to have to manually login to multiple systems. With the SSO solution implemented, once the have been authenticated by their own network, a user will then be able to login to the Acendre Recruitment or Perform systems without the need for an additional password.

In addition to the increased convenience to the user, SSO provides improved security and reduced system administration/helpdesk workload.

SAML requests made to Acendre Recruitment or Perform must be Identity Provider (IdP) initiated. This means that the user must first be authenticated into their home system where a link will be created to the Acendre system.

This process is demonstrated below


Configuring SSO

The following steps will allow you to set up Single Sign On for your organization. Acendre is able to support most systems with a SAML 2.0 framework.

  • Provide your metadata file or a link to where it is hosted. This will need to be set up by your Solutions Consultant.
  • Import the Acendre Metadata into your Identity provider. With most software this will automatically configure the Trust
  • Set the NameID attribute to the username which is stored in the Acendre system, if there is no integration and usernames are not already set up a script may need to be run by the Acendre technical team.
  • Establish a link to the Acendre endpoint from your IdP.