Australian Recruitment — Graduates Hold The Key

As graduating university classes leave full-time education and enter the workforce, recruiters can help their clients make the most of the opportunities through robust graduate and on-boarding programmes to help make the most of the plentiful talent supply.

In 2014, more than 100,000 university students graduated in Australia, and Group of Eight Australia predicted in its Future Demand for Higher Education report that Australlia would receive ad additional 50,000 undergraduate enrolments by 2020. So what does this growing graduate talent pool mean for the recruitment industry?

While essential to the ongoing health of the workforce, graduate recruitment comes with unique challenges. It’s high volume and is over within a short timeframe, making the window of opportunity very small for employers and their recruiters. On top of this, graduates are often inexperienced in navigating the jobs market. Anxious graduates may take a scatter-gun approach, sending out non-customised CVs to hundreds of companies in their eagerness to find work.While this isn’t best practice, a quick look at the graduate market reveals the appeal.

Karen Evans, Asia Pacific MD of talent management technology company, Acendre discusses the impact of graduates on Australia’s recruitment industry in The Global Recruiter. You can read the entire article here.

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