Unlocking the Benefits of Workforce Planning

At the core level, enterprises desire and need great talent to succeed. If you employ people who are smart, capable and passionate about what they do, you greatly improve your organization's chances for long-term success. But no great staff falls into place simply through random... [+] Read More

Developing an Organizational Culture of Learning

There's obviously a learning element to every job - very few employees can simply waltz in and start doing their job with no guidance or training. That said, a large number of organizations will start new recruits on a path of learning, only to move... [+] Read More

Australian Healthcare Talent Management – A Financial Perspective

Underpinning these pillars, people analytics can not only shed light on valuable organisational information, but also drive workforce improvements that can cut costs, improve productivity and improve healthcare service. Data can show if recruiting dollars can be spend more effectively, if top performers properly identified... [+] Read More

Your People Analytics Dashboard is Not Nearly as Useful as it Could Be

There's a new era coming in business intelligence and people analytics.Powerful dashboards for presenting people analytics information to help drive decision making have been a boon for HR professionals. They help bring increased visibility to the HR function within an organization. But they're not enough,... [+] Read More

The Natural Talent Global Reach

Sometimes big change comes with a sudden, dramatic event or at a particular moment in time. The introduction of the iPhone is an example. While it took many months of planning, research, development and testing, on the day it was launched, we all had a... [+] Read More