Federal Human Capital Leaders Discuss OMB Mandate with Acendre

Acendre was thrilled last week to bring together four federal human capital leaders to discuss the OMB’s new mandate on workforce reform and maximizing employee performance in a webinar attended by almost 400 federal HR professionals.

Moderated by Sean Osborne, Acendre’s Vice President of Product Management, The Road to OMB’s New Mandate – How to Maximize Federal Employee Performance included audience polls on topical issues related to OMB and employee performance, and a discussion on several topics by these panelists:

  • Adam Soderholm, Government-wide PMO for Category Management IntelligenceGeneral Services Administration
  • Roland Edwards, Deputy Chief Human Capital OfficerDepartment of Homeland Security
  • Jane Datta, Deputy Chief Human Capital OfficerNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Julie Murphy, Director of the Workforce Relations DivisionDepartment of Health and Human Services.

Here’s just a glimpse of some of the topics discussed and insight garnered from the panelists.

  • How agencies are reacting to OMB Memo M-17-22 in terms of maximizing employee performance.
  • The OMB memo’s impact on employee morale and engagement.
  • The importance of automation to help improve employee performance.
  • The role data and analytics play in improving employee and workforce performance.

The discussion provided real world examples and insight into specific agency initiative, including:

  • How the Department of Health and Human Services has established a workforce of performance management experts and created focus groups to improve workforce performance.
  • Some lessons learned on improving performance from the Department of Homeland Security, from award programs, increased feedback, training/development, accountability, improved insight into performance plans and mission alignment.
  • NASA’s approach to morale, engagement, accountability and recognition – with a focus on the positive.
  • How GSA is seizing the opportunity to focus even more on employees and the agency’s culture – and how it’s sometime the simple things that have the biggest impact.

I encourage you to take 60 minutes of your valuable time to listen to the webinar to gain insight and valuable perspectives on maximizing federal employee performance from top federal leaders.

You can listen here.

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