Gartner NGA.NET a Leader in Public Sector Recruiting

Leading industry research analyst Gartner recently completed its assessment of the market for talent management suites, which as Gartner describes, “help enterprises manage the key processes of plan to source, acquire to onboard, perform to reward and assess to develop.” Gartner goes on to explain that “talent management suites are an integrated set of applications, including workforce planning, talent acquisition and onboarding, performance appraisal/assessment, goals management, career development, succession management, learning management and compensation management. These functional components align with key human capital management (HCM) processes.

We were pleased to see NGA.NET recognized in this year’s report. Gartner notes that NGA.NET is already “a leader in Australian public-sector recruiting.” Gartner went on to observe that NGA.NET is now making inroads in the United States Federal marketplace, pointing out that NGA.Net’s eRecruit is currently being implemented as the standard recruiting solution for the 29 agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and delivers posthire talent management via ePerform.

Gartner recognizes NGA.NET as a key player very worthy of consideration for enterprises in this “vibrant and evolving market.”

As our talent management solutions become more entrenched in public and private sector organizations around the world, we’re happy that industry leaders such as Gartner are taking notice.

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