How You Think about Talent Analytics is about to Change

“I know it’s important but the thought of really ‘doing’ Talent Analytics is daunting.”

“I don’t know where to begin.”

“Talent Analytics sounds great, but we don’t have the expertise to pull it off.”

“We have so much data that I’m sure can provide insight, but I don’t know how to start.”

If you’ve ever thought or uttered any of these refrains, you’re not alone.

In our ongoing conversations with human capital executives and leaders, we hear these types of concerns often. There seems to be universal consensus that Big Data and so-called Talent Analytics is the wave of the future in HR. However, there also seems to be a corresponding concern and trepidation about actually implementing Talent Analytics…or even fully understanding its value.

We’ve listened to HR leaders – a lot.

We’ve researched – a lot.

We’ve asked questions of HR leaders — a lot.

And we’ve gone to work. Just as we have for almost two decades of bringing innovative talent management solutions to some of the world’s largest organizations.

While our Talent Analytics solution and Center of Excellence has been helping organizations make faster and better decisions for years, we’re about to take a leap to a whole new world of data analysis in the human capital arena.

How you think about talent analytics is about to change.

Coming soon.

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