Talent Management Innovation that’s “Inventing the Future” – Courtesy of Acendre

BRW is a leading Australian business magazine focusing on technology “innovators, disruptors and leaders who are at the cutting edge of industry.”

So it was no surprise to see Acendre pop up in a recent edition of BRW, highlighting the success of Acendre in the APAC region and its move to the United States. Authored by Caitlin Fitzsimmons, the article highlights Acendre’s success with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which has seen a drastic reduction in average time to hire since implementing Acendre’s talent acquisition and recruiting system, eRecruit. And for an organization with 110,000 employees and 29 agencies, that’s a huge win. It’s also a win for U.S. taxpayers, with savings in the millions of dollars and a government that is running more efficiently, with high-quality talent.

The article, Five Australian innovators inventing the future, highlights Acendre CEO Mike Giuffrida and his founding of the company, along with its exciting growth plans.

For almost two decades, innovation for our users has remained at the heart of everything we do at Acendre.

Or as BRW states, we’re “inventing the future.”

You can see the complete article here.

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