Acendre Debuts New People Analytics Dashboards to Provide Government Agencies with Data-Driven Insight for Improved Hiring

Helps Federal Agencies Hire More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively while Simultaneously Enhancing Candidate Experience

Arlington, VA, December 8, 2015Acendre (formerly known as NGA.NET), a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced the release of several new People Analytics dashboards built specifically to help federal agencies gain unmatched insight into their hiring processes. People Analytics, the underlying data analysis component of Natural Talent, is the industry’s only talent management solution built to meet the unique technical and legislative requirements of the federal government. The new dashboards include the Hiring Manager Dashboard, Human Resource (HR) Specialist Dashboard, HR Supervisor Dashboard and the Diversity Dashboard.

People Analytics is a strategic tool that provides ongoing, real-time, in-depth analysis across the federal government’s core talent management disciplines, including talent acquisition, performance, succession and development. Natural Talent’s People Analytics provides federal HR specialists, supervisors and executives with an unparalleled level of detailed, sophisticated human capital insight – without the need for a data scientist. It delivers the capabilities to develop comprehensive, rich data sets so information on candidates as well as existing employees is available in real time, when it’s needed to evaluate and improve talent management processes and procedures.

The new dashboards include:

  • Hiring Manager Dashboard – Delivers insight into hiring managers’ vacancies, certificates, hires and time-to-hire, helping them move candidates through the hiring process more quickly.
  • HR Specialist Dashboard – Provides HR Specialists with instant access to their vacancy and certificate information, saving them valuable time on their daily tasks; the dashboard also shows HR Specialists comparisons and trends over time.
  • HR Supervisor Dashboard – Enables the HR Supervisor to view and gain insight into what their HR Specialists are currently working on, including the number of issued certificates, number of vacancies being managed, and the time to issue certificates. This ensures that HR Supervisors can easily identify bottlenecks and improve the overall hiring process.
  • Diversity Dashboard – Provides detailed geographical insight into hiring by diversity, gender and veteran’s preference, and by organizational unit within an agency.

Click on the images below to view screenshots of each dashboard.


Hiring Manager Dashboard


HR Specialist Dashboard


HR Supervisor Dashboard


Diversity Dashboard

The new dashboards build on People Analytics’ ability to address federal HR leader’s most pressing challenges and problems, as they deal with shrinking budgets, increasing retirements and employee morale, engagement, retention and leadership issues. Included with Acendre’s eRecruit talent acquisition and ePerform performance management solutions, People Analytics helps federal agencies accomplish more with less, including:

  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Hiring of better candidates
  • Identification of bottlenecks and wasted resources to drastically reduce costs
  • Insight into vacancies and entire hiring process for senior executives to HR Specialists
  • Insight into the efficiency of HR Specialists
  • Removal of guesswork from federal hiring process
  • Linking census information to geographic locations for improved hiring

As with all of Acendre’s People Analytics dashboards and reports, these new dashboards can be included as part of an interactive slide show used as a collaborative tool for HR teams and executives, with information shared socially. These “storyboard” presentations can be filtered by a number of different categories, including quarter, sub-agency and program office, providing senior officials with a full, in-depth “story” on the agency’s hiring efforts.

“Our team is dedicated to building solutions that empower senior executives with access to easy-to-understand dashboards that deliver insight for faster and better decision making,” said Mike Giuffrida, CEO of Acendre. “We also create dashboards tailored to meet the specific requirements of HR specialists and HR managers to ensure information is at their fingertips. We recognize that data-driven analytics is a game-changer in talent management and a top priority for federal agencies, which is why we are investing so heavily in this area and why People Analytics underpins all our offerings. Analytics has the potential to empower all federal employees with accurate data and drive organizational transformation across the federal government.”

Acendre People Analytics Center of Excellence

Natural Talent’s People Analytics is part of the Acendre People Analytics Center of Excellence which provides federal HR organizations with a wide range of dedicated resources to assist in the education, understanding and implementation of people analytics. The Center of Excellence equips HR leaders with a team of dedicated analytics experts and consultants who are intimately familiar with an organization’s unique challenges and requirements to ensure rapid implementation and understanding of the people data important to each agency. The Center of Excellence also delivers ongoing updates to existing standard reports and a continual introduction of new reports, along with assistance on reports specific to each customer environment.

People Analytics is available today. To learn more, visit:

About Acendre

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