Acendre Workforce Planning Solution Empowers Organizations to Proactively Plan Future Workforce Needs and Strategies

Enables Data-Driven Decision Making and Improves Enterprise-Wide Planning, Hiring, Performance and Development Strategies; Rounds out Integrated Talent Management Suite

Arlington, VA, July 25, 2016Acendre, a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced the release of Acendre Workforce Planning as part of the company’s integrated talent management suite. This new solution delivers executives and other organizational leaders with powerful insight into workforce projections that helps improve planning, hiring, performance and development strategies. Importantly, this solution complements and seamlessly integrates with Acendre’s Recruitment, Onboarding, Performance and Succession, Learning and Development and People Analytics offerings.

The Workforce Planning solution utilizes Acendre’s planning and analytics engine to provide human capital leaders with clarity and actionable insight to their workforce challenges and helps predict future workforce needs. Through dashboards and reports, organizations can now easily identify talent shortfalls along with workforce skills gaps and then accurately forecast critical workforce demands. Retirement eligibility analysis allows organizations to further understand workforce turnover risk and take appropriate action. All this analysis also improves organizations’ ability to budget accurately. As with all Acendre solutions, Workforce Planning interoperability capabilities are an important aspect of this solution, as data from other systems can easily integrate with Acendre data to ensure accurate projections that account for all variables.

Summary of key benefits:

  • Identify Talent Shortfalls

Strategic workforce planning helps highlight talent shortages, speeding up the process of identifying sources of new talent that can help an organization.

  • Improve Budgeting

Organizations gain insight into workforce budget and spending execution across the entire organization and across departments through executive dashboards. Decision makers can see where potential shortfalls or over-spending is projected and make necessary adjustments to keep budgets on track.

  • Enhance Strategic Planning

Workforce planning dashboards and reports that cover workforce totals, skills gaps analysis, competencies, retirement and attrition projections as well as other risks help improve an organization’s strategic planning through improved forecasting and risk mitigation. By improving annual and multi-year planning, HR’s contribution to the organization’s strategic planning increases significantly.

  • Identify Workforce Skills Gaps

Overlaying gaps analysis with applicant, hiring and attrition information helps organizations better prepare for projected skills gaps. Making the necessary adjustments before critical needs arise helps fend off potential workforce crises. Organizations improve communication between human resources and business units to better identify and retain the most important talent.

“We’re excited to exploit the power of our analytics and planning engine to help the critical workforce planning efforts of organizations,” said Mike Giuffrida, CEO of Acendre. “Workforce planning is increasingly important in today’s landscape of competition for talent, career movement, increasing retirements and budgetary concerns for organizations to successfully achieve their goals. It’s critical to have the capability to align the needs and priorities of the organization with the skills of its workforce to ensure it can meet legislative and service requirements, as well as its organizational objectives.”

About Acendre

Acendre is a worldwide leader in secure cloud-based talent management software. The company’s solutions address the unique needs of organizations that require a high level of configurability to manage complex workflows and interoperability challenges. Acendre serves both public and private sectors, including Government, Education, Healthcare & Community Services, Utilities and Mining. With offices in three continents, the company’s solutions are deployed in over 200 organizations around the globe, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping these organizations recruit, engage, retain and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. A recipient of numerous awards and with almost 400,000 users, Acendre processes over two million resumes a year and over two million transactions every week.

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