API Overview

Connecting to the API

API stands for Application Program Interface. In Acendre’s case this is consists of a suite of different functions which allow clients to retrieve and update data from within the Acendre system.

Acendre uses a Restful web service using HTTP requests to communicate to the endpoint URL and retrieve the JSON data.

In order to utilize the API suite your organization will need to build a system to communicate with the API endpoint. This can be done with code methods such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby or with software such as Postman.

Once a connection has been established can be retrieved and manipulated for any purpose. Below we will explore some sample scenarios being used by our clients.

Recruitment Integration

The Acendre API suite allows users to connect their HR Systems and BI tools into a single integrated ecosystem. This ensures that data used in Acendre Recruit is kept up to date from the ‘source of truth’ and information gathered throughout the hiring process can be returned and recorded in another system.

The below diagram shows a typical integrated solution using the Acendre API. This is presented as an example of best practice only as the flexibility of API’s allows for many applications.

Performance Integration

The Acendre API suite can also ensure your employee and position hierarchy remain accurate when creating and assigning performance reviews. This means that reviews will be accurately assigned to employee and manager roles.

Performance diary entries can be maintained against other systems and final review scores can be returned to other systems for reporting, succession or compensation processes.